biblical dispensational 

God’s plan for the ages
Dispensation of Antechoatic age (dispensation of angels)

Creative ages of 6 days creation of restored earth after Lucifer’s sin

Dispensation of Innocence

Dispensation of conscience

The flood of Noah

Dispensation of Human civil Government

Tower of Babel

Dispensation of promise

Egyptian Bondage

Dispensation of the Law

Jesus Christ died for sins of the whole world (cut off of 69 week of Daniel 9)

Dispensation of Grace

The rapture of the church

Judgement seat of Christ


The tribulation period the seventieth week of Daniel

The Dispensation of kingdom (the millennial Kingdom)




Dispensation of faithful angels and redeem (The New HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH)

2 Timothy 2:15
King James Version (KJV)
15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Dispensation  is God timeline for ages past creative ages and future ages in his Holy bible with human fares

Age of angels (dispensation of antechoatic ages)

God created angels Job 38 sons of God shout for joys but Satan and his angels was throw out heaven for sin and rebellion against God divine government of universe and Lucifer rule over planet first earth in perfection and over pre Adamite race of angels and angels rule over planets through out countless cosmos

age of innocence is age where Adam and eve first parents of human race that were created in state of innocence before they fell into sin after they ate tree of knowledge of good and evil
Age of conscience  is a time between fall of mankind and flood of Noah that cover the earth for it wickedness
Age of civil government is period that God allowed mankind to established human government after the global flood God will not judge the nations till and tribulation period and the second coming of Christ
Age of promise  is the age where the promise given by God to Abraham
age of Law/Israel is the age where Israel was not saved by keep the law of God it was temporary till Jesus Christ to fulfilled the law
Age of grace/ the church age (the current age the dispensation of Grace) is the age of God grace for The church God’s heavenly people and Israel God earthly people have total separated promises  but the church and Israel are two different plans of God’s for ages it called dispensationalism
Rapture of the church

bema seat judgment

marriage of the lamb

tribulation period

7 age of kingdom(the millennial kingdom of King Jesus Christ) is the age of peace throughout the world King Jesus Christ re-established Davidic Throne his kingdom shall have no end amen bride of Christ the true church all old testament and tribulation saints with rule with him for 1,000 years Satan is bound in bottomless pit

after he is loose after 1,000 years for little season and great white throne judgment is set all wicked is judge for the their works and throw in the lake of fire

AGE OF AGES ( DISPENSATION OF FAITHFUL ANGELS AND FAITHFUL REDEEMED )  it when God will destroy all wickedness of the earth by fire old earth and recreated the earth called new heaven new earth God The Father rule here on the New earth forever in his eternal kingdom Praise God be all in all Holy trinity

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